*** What do I wear or need for classes ? ***

All you need is comfortable clothes and trainers. We have all the equipment and there is water fountain there too.

*** I am very unfit/overweight – can I still come ? ***

Yes – everything is 100% optional. Furthermore, we have different options for everything for different experiences and fitness levels.

*** Can I bring a friend ? *** 

Yes, it is a great idea to bring a friend so you can work together. Just let us know ! 

*** Do you do competitions or full contact sparring ? *** 


*** How do I Find You ***

Directions: Lauriston Gardens (much easier) – walk up the path into car park,  walk diagonally right through double doors and turn right.

Chalmers St – when you enter walk diagonally left, through the doors, walk to the end, turn right and go down the stairs. Once there take a right and follow to the end of the corridor (it turns right). 

If you can, please arrive say 10-15 mins early that way we can have a quick chat before class.

***  What should I expect from my first class ? ***

On Arrival 

Everyone assembles in the green seating area about 15mins prior.

You are strongly encouraged to come a little early to change, use facilities and socialise if you wish. It's super relaxed and a great way to meet the other members.

Before Class

We will have a short introductory chat and introduce you to our other friendly members.

  • Beginning with an individual warm up with a variety of exercises and stretches, you will be looked after personally by our instructor for the duration as you learn and practice all the basic movements. From here you will progress to some some pad-work with a partner provided.

  • Class ramps up gently to a crescendo of fun conditioning, before winding down with a cool down and some stretching to finish.

*** Age restrictions ? ***

Although no strict limit, suggested minimum is 15 years old up to about +/- 45 years old (depending on fitness level and strength)

*** What styles do you teach ? ***

While we mainly focus on Western Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai, we frequently draw on other experience of other martial arts to provide true combat solutions !

*** Can I come on my own ? ***

Yes, equally if you come on your own you will be well looked after, introduced to everyone and be put with a suitable partner.

*** I fancy trying a free class – what’s the next step ? ***

Pick a class in the next week, tell friends to see who else wants to come. Then either CONTACT US via the form on the Home page.

Come along 10 minutes early for a quick chat and get to know the facilities. If for some reason can’t make one in next week contact us for further info.