Socialising Class Kickboxing Edinburgh Combat Solutions

Socialising after each class

We thought it was worth mentioning the social aspect for members within the classes and their friends.

What we find is it creates an incredible atmosphere in class. Everyone knows each other and it is very friendly. People always have lots of choices for suitable partners to work with that they know. Rather than going to e.g. gym in isolation, they turn up and meet 30 of their friends and have the option to socialise after too.

Social Events
We have couple of social events each month which are always different days and diverse in nature. One may involve going out, while one may be a quieter gathering. Events so far have included:

Our own private ceilidh (70 people attended)
Food and Drink Around The World Event
Games Night
Walks in many different locations
BBQ In Meadows
Movie Night
and many others…