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New to Edinburgh ? Get to know the City from one of it's natives!

Inside knowledge, tips and tricks to get by, plus fun, interesting ways to experience Edinburgh at it's best - this blog will be a comprehensive resource for you. Hi, my name is Craig, Lead Instructor at Combat Solutions. Fortunate and thankful to have been born and raised in this beautiful city, no matter where life has taken me, the path has always led me back to Edinburgh!


EDINBURGH - it's all here for you!

People and travel are my passions (amongst other things). On several solo trips to European destinations, I often ask the questions: Could I live here? How would I go about it? Doing so makes one reflective of one's own values; needs and ambitions. For me, I would wish for 3 things. 1) A roof over my head 2) a place to feel safe 3) make friends. The rest I can build over time. If you are new to Edinburgh, this blog seeks to cast a light on the latter 2 for you.

Cafe's, Bar's, and Meet Ups !

With so much to choose from, Edinburgh is more vibrant than ever! Coffee shops and pop up bars have been growing for years now, but so too has the variety and variations on themes. From cute Cat and Chihuahua cafes; pubs built on tales of roguish highwayman, and grizzly grave robbers; to a loyal dog who refused to leave his master's grave - there is history to be found at the end of a beverage. Coming posts will shed light on these fascinating; homely and occasionally macabre settings for that well earned cappuccino.

Take that first step!

Perhaps that should read 'steps' (plural) . Literally. Edinburgh is a City built on hills, an Old Town, a New Town, and hundreds of years of history. Putting your walking shoes on is a great way to start. Personal recommendation: start at the Royal Mile - situated just down from the epic Edinburgh Castle. Take yourself on an adventure, armed with a camera (phone or DSLR) , pencil and sketch pad (if that is your thing) and some clothing appropriate for the changeable weather. Just a walk up or down the Royal Mile will start your journey and splinter you off down Edinburgh's many 'closes', wynds and alleyways.

Personal story for you: Aged 15, on summer holidays from school (and with most of my friends away on family holidays) I took a long walk around Edinburgh and discovered parts of it I never knew existed. I shall share some of these with you in future posts. Needless to say, some 6 hours later - I arrived home. Hungry, footsore, but WOW what I had seen and experienced. More on that in the next blog!

What you can do RIGHT NOW!

This blog is the start of a regular feed of reviews, spotlights and oddities relating to what you can see and do in Edinburgh. It is a starting point for you: add this to your bookmarked tabs so you can keep up to date with future publications.

Additionally, I am thankful to Combat Solutions for granting me this excellent platform to share this blog. The club, which I am proud to teach at, runs regular social events. With inclusion at its heart, we strive to create a safe space for people to make friends and feel safe. Take a look at our Social's Page or Public Facebook Group, come along to classes and or social events - it is a great way to meet new people and explore Edinburgh with friendly folk. Take care and until the next time....

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